Truss builder

"What's a truss?" You may be asking yourself. t_ST-12x12PWell, trusses are some of the most ubiquitous structures 
holding our world together. They are light and very strong structures that can handle loads in many orientations or directions. They are "easy" to build when made in large scale, there are many equations and tables to help with their design, and you can make them out of steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, fiber, popsicle sticks, straws or whatever you want. Hence, trusses are the preferred structure when building a bridge, a crane, a self-sustaining dome, a stage for a concert with all the lighting supporting structure, crazy-shaped buildings, spacecraft, etc. I find trusses fascinating. They are the perfect example that geometry and trigonometry are actually useful, so now that I have access to a DIWire I cant wait to make my own truss structure out of lightweight wire.

Check the DIWire in action, it's pretty cool.

What will I build? A load-bearing, useful structure? Something that moves? Something that looks good? A piece of art? Who knows. As soon as I familiarize myself with the DIWire and the required Design for Bending, I'll start posting about it. I'm sure it will be an incremental project. We'll see. Happy maker times!

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