Back from scratch

This is the first post I’m writing on my brand new blog! … Yes, that was a lame intro.

OK so now, in a less lame dialect: I decided it was time to create a more consolidated website to showcase my projects, ideas, tinkerings and show the world who I am and what I do. Some of those tinkerings are really cool, like the Smart Coffee Maker I’m working on, or like the Music Container that has been put on the back of the file cabinet for the time being, but most of them form bits and pieces of how I spend my time and energy, and will show you who I am and what I love doing.

As you read this you may or may not figure out that I’m also starting a new blog. My objective with this one is to use it as a project worklog to keep track of all the little and not so little tinkers I’m involved in.

My old blog will stay alive at and you’re super welcome to visit it as I’m not planning on transferring all my old posts to this new site. That one has served me well as a rantarium* for the past several years and it’s mostly written in very Mexican Spanish. So again, you’re welcome to visit it and read some of my old thoughts (I’m sure I will), as they help form the whole picture of who I am.

So, let’s start from scratch and hands on!

*Rantarium: Noun, place to empty one’s rants.

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