Author: Oscar

Weather, here we go!

Finally! Just received my flashy, Ikea-furniture-matching-red Sparkfun box with my weather shield and the electric Imp, which means I should be ready to setup (or at least get up and running) my wireless weather station! I put together the weather sensors the other day. Pretty straight forward. The only one that would have used a little…

Truss builder

“What’s a truss?” You may be asking yourself. Well, trusses are some of the most ubiquitous structures holding our world together. They are light and very strong structures that can handle loads in many orientations or directions. They are “easy” to build when made in large scale, there are many equations and tables to help with…

First try with my DIY Weather Station Kit from [Anonymous Co.]

About a month and a half ago I moved to to my new place, and as you may guess, I’m still unpacking. In today unpacking activities, I found a bare cardboard box that was roughly sharpie-labeled with my handwriting as containing a “Weather station”. It took me a while to remember why the hell  I…

The power of a bad review

Yelpers are a tough crowd, and it’s good. They say no publicity is bad publicity and I might agree… Let me explain you why with an example.

Communication is first. Lessons Learned

If there’s anything that you want to say (especially to your manager), say it. Think about how you’re gonna say it, but say it. There’s nothing worse than being the last one to speak when you know you were right.

Composite lessons

It took me years to finally be able to play with composite materials, and even though I expected to have some fun, I really didn’t think it was going to be that fun. Here’s one to all those resin-clad late nights of 2012.

Machining a team

Teams are easy to form. Good teams not that so. But great, well-oiled teams that are able to plan, execute, communicate, share and function are so rare that when I found one I decided to make a post.


While at CMU, I was able to meet amazing people working on really cool projects, and fortunate enough to be invited to take part in some. ROMIBO was by far the coolest. Watching an impaired kid improve his life has no match.

Back from scratch

This is the first post I’m writing on my brand new blog! … Yes, that was a lame intro. OK so now, in a less lame dialect: I decided it was time to create a more consolidated website to showcase my projects, ideas, tinkerings and show the world who I am and what I do.…